How I ended up finding my passion and niche in ‘Wiggle it Wigs’.

Some of you who know me, know that I have three mixed-race children. For a long time, I was feeling unsatisfied that there was not somewhere close to my home that I could buy the right moisturizers or hair products for my kids. I have never been the most internet savvy, so I used to drive to London to get my essentials, you might think that is a tad excessive but my sister flies to Bangkok to get her highlights done from where she lives in Thailand, so there are no limits on the pursuit for the correct beauty and skincare (for some)!

Born of frustration I decided to open my own shop in my local city centre. I learnt very quickly what works and what doesn’t for certain skin types and have an appreciation for the culture that weaves, and wigs play their important role in. We are a family run business and now we are excited to be taking it online to better serve you. That personalized service you get in my shop is also extended via the website – just message me.

Thank you for your support.